Water is wet because it is water, and Christians are involved in missions because they are Christians. Missions is not a good work to gain a jewel, but a good fruit of a good Savior. Missions is the sovereign work of grace.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chiapas Journal Day 2

We arrived in San Cristobol De Loas Casas about 7:30 this morning and began searching for a bus that would take us to Simojovil where we will be staying for a couple nights. After haggling fervently with taxi drivers Josue, the son of a missionary in Simojovil came a picked us up in his pick-up. Mom, Esther, David, one of the missionaries daughters, and I rode in the back for three hours up and down mountains until we entered Simojovil. We ate, then had time to rest and find solitude with the Father. I felt somewhat comforted by thoughts of Grace in my life, but for the most part my time of both resting and traveling has been consumed with thoughts of sorrow for the poor folks in Chamula. When one of them die they go to hell, and this thought has been made so evident to me through the conviction of the Spirit. As we drove through Chamula and I pondered on thoughts that it is the last place in the western hemisphere where Christians reach glorification at the hands of non-believers. Most think it would pass as an eerie feeling, but all I could think of was the example that has been left by Jim Elliott. As I got alone with the great text I felt little refreshment in the words of God. I felt as it was probably due to being exhausted. I then rested and talked with Ivonne some before going to meet with Eufimio (the missionary in Simojovil). I really enjoy the company of Eufimio, it is my prayer and expectation that the Lord will allow more of His work to be done through us working together. We spoke of ways to reach chamulans, and what the schedule would be like for the week. It was our decision to spend tomorrow working here, and then return to San Christobol on Thursday morning to spend Thursday and Friday in Chamula. Before turning in to sleep found some comfort in Psalms 1 & 2. Left for sleep content in life, while pondering on of Edwards resolutions “I resolve to think on death often and the circumstances there in.” After this passed through my mind I fell asleep wanting the Lord to make my life useful to His kingdom, and wanting to live so badly for His glory. I begged that the Lord would remove my fleshly desires and replenish me with thoughts of Him, for He is my reward. I want my life to give the Lamb the glory due his name!!! After an hour or so of rest was awakened to prayer by the Father, and after a short time of it spent some time reading the life of David Brainerd. I just finished the part where he died, and while he was dying was whispering thoughts like “He will not terry”, or “I will glorify His name”, oh! What faith he had. Found courage to live to God through his example.

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