Water is wet because it is water, and Christians are involved in missions because they are Christians. Missions is not a good work to gain a jewel, but a good fruit of a good Savior. Missions is the sovereign work of grace.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008



Well, it has almost been a week since my arrival here in Mexico City, and what an amazing time it has been! After a very short plane ride, and a not so shot bus ride, which was really cool because the seats are soooo big and I was able to sleep some, I arrived in Mexico City Sunday morning around 8:30. I got picked up by a guy named David, he is an IMB missionary, and we came to Paco’s house. After we visited for a while and ate I took a nap, then Paco and Ely (Elizabeth) took me down to the center of Mexico City. There was a big fiesta going on down there for something. That evening we sat around the table and visited for almost three hours, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but I don’t speak Spanish and they don’t speak English! It is so cool how God allows us to communicate even passed the barriers of language. The next day we got on the metro and went to the University to check on language classes for me. They said I had to come back the next day and take an exam to see what class I would go to, and then the struggle to get me a cell phone began! We spent the whole day trying to figure it out, but to no avail. That evening Ely’s mom Juanita made enchiladas (not fake ones) and they were amazing! The next day I went to take my test and they told me I would be in Basico 1 (it’s the class for people who don’t know espanol). Then we met up with the IMB missionary that is over the whole region, his name is William, and spent the rest of the day with him. There is a school here for missionary kids to go to from several denominations, and William’s daughter goes to this school, so we visited it while picking her up. Her name is Deidra. There may be an opportunity for me to teach History and Logic there in the future. After that we went to an English class that William and his wife teach every Tuesday, it is a really cool ministry! They are teaching them English through the Bible. The next morning I met up with a man who works in the area of Tepito and he took me to Tepito for my first time. Please pray for the region of Tepito! I do not even know how to describe how it is. We went to an area near Tepito first and helped serve food and drinks to the homeless drug attics, and prostitutes. It was such a sad sight. I began to share the gospel with a young kid probably around 13 or 14, and his sister a prostitute not much older than I. As I was sharing Christ with them the young boy started smoking pot while right in front of me. I have been all over the world, and I have never seen a scene like that one. I was pretty sure that was the worst thing I would ever see, and then we took a bus to Tepito. Like I said, I don’t even know how to describe it other than it is dark. Finally today I started school! I really like it! I have made a few friends there already, and may have a chance to teach a bible study during our break once a week. We start at 8:00 and it ends at 12:00 Monday through Friday. During that time we have a break, and I think the Lord may open a door for me to have the Bible study during that time. God is so cool! I saw a couple people standing outside the classroom who looked like they were probably from Africa, so I asked them where they were from, and they said two of them were from Haiti, and one from Africa. I got so excited, so I asked the guy where in Africa and he said Zambia! Yeah! Crazy! I have been to both of those countries! But even more amazing, there are 72 dialects in Zambia so most people speak English. This guy speaks the same dialect that they spoke where we worked! Out of 72 what are the chances?!?! I got to use some words that I still remembered! Then I find out that there is a guy from the Congo in my class! So amazing this sovereign God we serve! This afternoon we finally got all the paper work turned in for my phone, so I should have it by Monday. Thank you all for your prayers and support. The Lord has a huge plan for the area of Tepito, and I am glad we get to share in that work!

A word of encouragement:

This is a verse I read this morning…

1 Thessalonians 2:8, “So, being affectionately desirous of you, we were ready to share with you not only the gospel of God, but also our own selves, because you had become very dear to us”

I read a quote a long time ago that said; “People are one of three things to you: scenery, machinery, or ministry.” It means people are either like a tree we just pass by and look at, someone who serves us as a machine, or a person that is in need of the grace of God. It has been my prayer all day that I would not only share the gospel here, but that I would also pour my life into the people around me. Just as Paul said, that I would be willing to invest my life in the people that God has placed in front of me even if it cost me my life. I believe that is what it means to be a Christ follower. We should all strive to get to the place in our lives where we will pour out our life so that others would know the love of Christ.

Prayer Requests:
-That God would continue to mold me and shape me to look more like Him.

-For the area of Tepito. We will be going to visit the homeless/drug attics/prostitutes every Thursday afternoon and early evening.

-Please pray that I would learn the language quickly!

-For the school I go to, and the possibility of a bible study there.

-I know this may be a selfish one, but I miss home a little, because I can say that I was truly loved there, and it nature to miss those that love you.

-I am teaching at the church that meets here at our house Friday at seven, then preaching Sunday, then teaching again next Tuesday at the English bible study.

By Grace,


Beverly said...

WOW, what an amazing update. It's so good to hear the details of what God is doing through you. Thank You Jonathan for being a wonderful witness of odedience. I love how God placed those people from Zambia, Haiti and the Congo in your path. God is Awesome. We miss you but know that God is going to do wonderful things in Tepito and Mexico City through you. Love Ya and can't wait until you get that phone.

katelyn_fisher said...

Dude! What are the odds! God is so sovereign in EVERY THING!!! I'm excited for you. I agree with my mom, and I thank you for being an example of obedience. I'm praying that you will continue to show obedience through what you are doing.
I heard Paul Washer preach on regeneration and examining yourself. He said that we are a new creation because of the fruit (not even speaking on matthew 7) he brought in that we haveno part in salvation but the sin we bring to the table, and that because our hearts are evil only continually, that praying a prayer of salvation is from your own doing, and that does NOTHING because of who we are. It was good stuff.
I miss you. I miss your voice, and I want to learn more about what you are going through. I'm saving money! I'll be there in December/January!
Love and miss you.
1 Peter1:13-25 :) and 8-9